What is Virgin Hair – FAQ’S

What is Virgin Hair? How to buy virgin hair?

Uncoloured/Ualtered human hair in it’s raw and pure form is virgin hair. We do handpick only virgin hair post procurement and send them for further processing. Any bundle from our factory is 100% Remy VIrgin.

what is virgin hair
Virgin Hair

What is raw hair? How to buy Raw Indian Hair From India?

Raw Hair is when all the hair strands are strictly organised with the roots in one direction and the tip to the opposite end. Since all our hair is procured from Indian Temple, we tie off the hair once it’s shaved off. This makes sure the hair strands doesn’t mix up.

How to start up my hair business in the states/anywhere in the world. What assistances does your company provide in procuring raw
Indian Hair Bundles?

We at Hair Boutique India are glad to work with Hair startups and help them for the mutual growth. We have a track record of converting many startups into big Hair businesses. People who started with 3 KG now trade 100 KG per month.  Thanks to the individual care we provide to every single customer of us. We spend ample time in understanding their business. And we service them better with the best deals and offers pertaining to their need.

How to place an order for raw Indian hair wholesale?

In order to place a wholesale order contact us with your order details such as length, texture and number of bundles so that we can send an invoice. Alternatively, you can send the order info through the contact form or whatsapp or a direct email to Suresh@HairBoutiqueIndia.com

Do you make colored hair?

Yes we do make. Minimum order quantity for colored hair is different and the usual lead times are no applicable.

What are the Hair Care Instructions that should followed for hair weaves?

  • Since all our products are manufactured from the Human Hair, any salon grade shampoo/conditioner/serum should work.
  • Do not use acids/neutralising chemicals. Oven Drying/ Applying heat for drying would eventually damage the cuticles.
  • Just air dry post washing.

What is Brazilian Hair? where to buy Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian or Cambodian Hair. Do you Import Hair From Brazil, Peru, Russia or Cambodia?

We export human hair to Brazil, Cambodia and Russia which is then processed and rebranded as Brazilian Hair, Cambodian Hair and Russian Hair. In fact,we do no import from Brazil/Peru/Russia/Cambodia. We source only Temple Hair.

Transparent Swiss HD Lace Closure Vs HD Lace Frontal, what is the difference?

Closure is knitted to 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lace whilst the Frontal is knitted to 13*4/13*6 Lace. Both closures and Frontals are made from raw unrprocessed Indian Human Hair. Frontal runs from ear to ear.
They are used with weaves for wig making as well.

What are the payment methods?

Bank Transfer/Transfer Wise/PayPal are the modes of payment.

How long does the shipping take?

Usual lead time is 6 to 9 business days. However, it also varies with weather, demand and stock. We will keep you updated on the lead time and order progress through email.

Why do we have so much differences in hair prices across companies?

Every company has its own technique to provide cheap hair. Few companies mix hair bundles with synthetic/non remy hair/ short length hair to reduce the cost. We have seen companies who process animal hair and sell it as hair extensions. But we at Hair Boutique India are always conscious about the quality of hair. We procure hair from one source – Indian Temples. And so there is no possibility of mix and match. Like every industry, good product comes at a cost.

Where do you procure the hair from?

We source our hair from various temples across South India. And the temples are legally auctioned by our factory.


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